A downloadable game for Windows

Made but updated for the GMTK Game Jam 2019

A game where our seasoned hero is mere inches away from gaining enough EXP to reach Level 100. But oh no! There is only one monster left in the world, and this mere cannon fodder won't drop enough EXP for our hero to level up. It's time to think backwards, and feed the enemy for it to grow before you strike it down.

Catarina Batista - Elsa Varland - Max Larsson - Weronika Kowalczyk

Emil Maris - Oscar Maris - Simon Isacsson Andersen

Simon Carlsson

Måns Andersen - Oscar Åkesson - Pontus Jonsson - Simon Eriksson

Good luck!

(This page is for the updated version of the game, made after the Game Jam ended. This version is NOT to be rated for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam. TheGameAssemblers do not condone cheating in any shape or form. Please play and rate the original version below for the purpose of the Game Jam. Thanks!)


Install instructions

Unpack and run exe


OneMonsterRPG(v2.0).rar 46 MB


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Its a really neet idea. And the art is really nice.

I do think the UI could of done with a little cleaning up. Having the level of other things is good, but I feel you could of just placed the number over their heads rather then "LEVEL 4"

Also I think I won, but it wasn't very clear and there didnt seem to be a real way to quit the game. 


Hilarious concept for a game, and beautiful art! Thanks PC Gamer for highlighting this one :)